Wound Care Sample Essay

Wound Care and the Benefits of Using Silver Products in Long Term Care


Discussion and Concluding Remarks 1. Briefly Reintroduces the topic of

interest prior to beginning the literature review. This section should be no

more than 2 paragraphs A detailed re-introduction of the topic of interest is

offered. Thesis is re-stated exceptionally clear and a synopsis of the literature

review contents is provided 2. the Capstone Project/Proposal can help

advance the nursing profession. This section should be no more than 2 pages Wound Care Sample Essay.

Wound Care and The Benefits of Using Silver products in Long-term Care Residents

Discussions and Conclusive Remarks


The skin constitutes the largest body organ to which several complex physiological functions are assigned. Primarily, the skin serves as a protection of the internal organs against potential physical and chemical injuries, UV radiations, and the entry of harmful pathogenic organisms (Rodriguez-Arguello et al., 2018). Owing to its importance, injuries form a significant challenge to the skin, and therefore its healing is considered a necessary process. There are considerably high healthcare costs channeled to wound handling and healing. Wound healing has emerged as an essential topic of discussion among clinical experts as there have emerged several competitive wound dressing agents with the ability to sustain good hygiene and healing over short periods Wound Care Sample Essay .

Some of the commonly used wound healing agents over a long time include collagen, chitin, alginates, and calcium. One of the widely applied approaches to handling wounds, which has also gained considerable popularity in the care industry, is the use of silver compoundsto care for wounds (Ubbink, 2014). The rationale behind the use of silver compounds in cleaning wounds is that silver ions present in these compounds facilitate the binding together of the segregated skin bacterial cells, and hence inhibiting the actions of their DNA and RNA, which would instead be disastrous to the healing process. This study mainly centered on establishing the relevance of silver products in healing chronic wounds. The critical focus is laid not only on the effectiveness of silver products in performing this function, but also the various outstanding challenges that could somewhat inhibit the effectiveness of using silver products in managing and caring for wounds Wound Care Sample Essay.

The relevance of the topic to Nurses

The primary role of nurses in health care is to provide care and promote health for their patients. Pin management is one of the principal areas of concern for nursing. Since wounds cause severe pains and discomfort, wound healing, therefore, becomes one of their interests too. Injuries form a significant challenge to the skin and the well-being of patients, and thus, its healing is considered a necessary process in healthcare provision. The role of nurses in healthcare is such that they establish the ideal methods of care that would be effective, but also affordable and available to the patients. There are considerably high healthcare costs channeled to wound handling and healing. Conventionally, healing of wounds would progress without significant challenges in the absence of traumatic or surgical interferences. In the presence of these factors, however, wound healing processes shift from tissue regeneration to scar formation, which poses significant challenges to the affected individuals. Cutaneous wound healing takes place through complex physiological processes that involve the actions of cytokines within the extracellular matrix (ECM) (Paul & Sharma, 2014). The healing process of wounds is affected by the extent of bacterial contamination, as well as the nature of bioactive dressing applied to such wounds Wound Care Sample Essay.

Injuries form a significant challenge to the skin and the well-being of patients, and therefore its healing is considered a necessary process in healthcare provision. There are considerably high healthcare costs channeled to wound handling and healing (Fong & Wood, 2011). Wound healing has emerged as an essential topic of discussion among clinical experts, especially nurses. There have developed several competitive wound dressing agents with the ability to sustain good hygiene and healing over short periods. Nurses are also concerned with health promotion by reducing infection and the spread of such infections to other individuals. It is, therefore, upon them to establish the best agents for wound management that would heal the wounds in the shortest durations (Dutton, Chiarella, & Curtis, 2014). There is a consensus among scientists that the use of antimicrobial agents is an essential approach towards minimizing possible risks of contamination of the wounds by bacteria. Silver is widely considered as one of the ideal antimicrobial agents due to the ability to prevent possible infections and also in facilitating the healing processes. This particular study establishes that the introduction of silver compounds as antimicrobial agents has helped caregivers to avoid the usual efficacy issues observed in the rest of their devices (Fong & Wood, 2011). This advantage is informed by its rapid and sustained actions against microbial, as well as its abilities to reduce the inflammation of wounds and promote healing Wound Care Sample Essay.

Silver is known for its rapid actions against microbial infection of wounds through various mechanisms. However, the efficacy and success of silver compounds in healing wounds generally relies on the number of silver ions present in a particular compound (Fong & Wood, 2011). This study has revealed that most antimicrobials made of silver compounds can suppress the activities of Matrix Metalloproteinases-9 and hence can help in managing the levels of TNF-α across wound surfaces (Han & Ceilley, 2016). Both dissolution and concentration count towards the efficacy of silver would dressing antimicrobials. Also, the size of the contact surface contributes significantly to the amount of dosage, which further informs the level of dissolution needed for such antimicrobials (Han & Ceilley. 2016). However, due to the reasons mentioned above, and the information derived from the comparison between the concentrations and dissolutions of different silver ion contents, their differences can be deduced Wound Care Sample Essay. As a result, their actions that ultimately led to the healing of wounds differ in speed and intensity(Fong & Wood, 2011).

A review of the existing literature also reveals that the efficacy of silver antimicrobials also depends on other factors such as the concentration and the form in which the metallic silver is served. There is limited evidence linking the risk of infection of wounds when silver antibacterial compounds are used during close surgical incisions(Aderibigbe & Buyana, 2018). However, a study has in the past revealed that when wound dressing agents containing silver compounds have applied an environment with closed incision, there would be a considerably low pain experienced during such procedures(Aderibigbe & Buyana, 2018). More in-depth research has established the same for a surgical incision for high-risk closed surgical incisions such as those that smoke, or those with high diabetes risks. This essay suggests that, instead, lesser-known topical wound treatments with other agents such as asoctenidine and polyhexanide is highly recommendable.

Program Learning Outcomes from the Research

Critical thinking–
Students fulfilled critical thinking as a critical Program Learning Outcomes by advancing in the project by processing and analyzing the information gathered during research with creativity and making informed decisions by merging information. Through this program, we as students gathered several skills that would inform quality practice in the future. The research equipped students with critical thinking skills and the ability to the application of evidence-based practice outcomes to care Wound Care Sample Essay. The evidence gathered through this research could be applied in any similar situation in the future to assist in wound management (Martin, Brewer, & Barr, 2011). In future practice, critical thinking will prove essential as it will guarantee safe, efficient and skillful nursing practice throughout the career lives.

Professional standards–
The project has instilled high professional standards through its ability to set high expectations from students, incorporate recent technology for nursing research, and encourage students to apply higher-order thinking skills. Besides, the tireless processes in which the students involved during the preparation and documentation of the study are essential to future practice as it upholds desirable nursing professional standards. We can observe, analyze, and apply appropriate practice standards that align with the modernity of nursing care Wound Care Sample Essay.

Professional Responsibility-
The capstone project will help the students meet their professional responsibilities in nursing. Through the two semesters of the project, students had the opportunity to practice accountability and the art of taking responsibility for all their actions as a way of improving competence. Also, nursing students acting in the capacity of nurses will potentially act within the required standards for nursing professionals. This program will be essential in instilling a sense of professional responsibility among us as emerging nurse professionals(Martin, Brewer, & Barr, 2011).

Safety/ Technology
Students have established prior knowledge on the various ways of using technology to enhance patient safety as one of the key concerns of quality care delivery. With the knowledge, students can apply safety approaches and new technology to ensure the proper care and comfort of their patients.This capstone project provided them with a platform on which to practice on how to integrate technology in ensuing their safety by exchanging data across different centers to ensure customer safety.

The fact that the capstone project was consisted as a group level is vindictive of the levels of professional collaboration that it demanded The capstone project is also integral to practice in the manner that it has helped students to install practical collaboration skills and apply such to their future practice Wound Care Sample Essay. At critical instances, nurses within an interdisciplinary health care unit are required to work together and borrow from each other as they seek to promote and sustain optimal qualities of care for patients(Miller & Andrist, 2013).

Leadership and Management Skills-
Integrating sound leadership skills into practice has immense benefits to nurses and other medical officers.Undertaking the different procedures of the project helped students acquire higher emotional intelligence and show dedication to excellence(Miller & Andrist, 2013). Besides, the long duration of the project ensured that students seek mentorship from the right authorities. Such units, leadership skills gathered from this project while working in groups would assist in extending quality assessment in their efforts to sustain patient safety.

Advocacy means that an individual is indulged in pleading or pursuing the course or interests of others. Advocacy was met in this particular capstone project through gathering information that further informed us about specific information about wounds and wound management approaches. Through this knowledge, students can learn to pursue the rights of patients to access wound treatment methods that are both effective and affordable in the long run Wound Care Sample Essay. The leadership skills gathered will also potentially instill the spirit of advocacy in which we, the future nurse professionals, will demand quality care for our patients, families, and the broader community(Martin, Brewer, & Barr, 2011).

Informatics is an essential aspect of nursing as it facilitates the necessary coordination of documentation, especially in the way that it informs improved outcomes in practice. This project integrated electronic medical documentation as a way of enhancing quality research through encouraging the use of the internet to access, analyse, coordinate and present interprented information. By applying well analyzed and properly interpreted data in future practice, the students will harbor the ability coordinate evidence-based practice which is important in care(Martin, Brewer, & Barr, 2011).

Patient safety is a top priority for nursing professionals which can be enhanced through different approaches Wound Care Sample Essay. This project helped students to improve the quality of communication among themselves during practice which will also potentially improve communication with patients. In future practices, such skills could be helpful to practice as we can use to enhance accuracy of patient identification. The use of actual patients during the study would further help students improve safety by training them to handle patients in the recommended standards.

Communication here was manifested through both writing and oral communication. Today’s nursing is a complex entity within which effective communication skills continue to prove essential in various ways. In this capstone project, communication was attained by concisely documenting various stages of the research. Besides, the students were asked to intensify communication and consultation among one another to improve the quality of their work.(Martin, Brewer, & Barr, 2011)

Research skills
Nurses need research skills to help them to advance their profession, stay updated with the current changes in the field and to deliver quality patient care Wound Care Sample Essay . The capstone project formed a significant opportunity for nurses to master key research skills and apply them in their practice. Additionally, students were given an opportunity to integrate current research tools while handling the project so as to improve the quality of output. Evidence gathered through research could be the milestone that we need initiate future care based on evidences documented(Miller & Andrist, 2013).

Conclusive Remarks

The current study aimed at establishing whether silver-based wound management agents are effective for wound management both in terms of their sustainability and the ability to keep the wounds clean and away from infections. The study has also provided information that instead recommends the use of silver compounds with slightly slow dissolution to aid in the healing of deep wounds of burns. Wound dressing agents with silver ions in them are the most useful of the modern types of wound dressers, but rather do not reflect its benefits in clean wounds. Instead, they tend to slow down the healing process of such injuries. Additionally, despite its effectiveness in facilitating healing, silver compounds don not readily add to any significant advantages when used in closed surgical incisions and burns. The capstone project has equipped students with various skills that would facilitate multiple aspects of their future practice Wound Care Sample Essay.


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Wound Care Sample Essay

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