Strategies for Addressing Questions example

The reflections and pondering on numerous questions and concerns as the journey of MSN program at Walden University begins gears one’s academic and professional growth toward not only a positive ending for the student but also for the positive well-being of the patients, families, and the health care requirements of our society at the moment as well as for the future (Laureate Education, 2018).

The questions one is ready to ask as the journey of the MSN program in Walden University begins may address academic resources and strategies. Some of these questions may include:

How to approach the course works.
Where are these resources available for the course works
How to have access to these available resources.
How to utilize these available resources.
In order to successfully execute the utilization of the available resources it is deemed a good idea for the student to cultivate excellent strategies, acquire useful tools and materials directed toward making the student’s visions, missions, goals, and dreams become a reality. Some useful strategies may include:

What are the student’s weaknesses and strengths: The question here is to devise ways to improve on the areas of weaknesses. Turn these weaknesses into strengths. As well as ensure that the strengths the student have been strengthened (Online Colleges, 2018).
What are the student’s goals: In order to achieve academic goals in life, the student needs to think about time allocation to study time, home works, discussions, assignments, projects and meeting up with academic requirements to foster success (Online Colleges, 2018).
What makes or accounts for the student’s academic fulfillment: The idea of fulfillment for any student equates to success. Most times goal achievements resonate with the student motivation for academic, professional, and personal endeavors. A healthy mind is a wealthy student. The positive engagement of the student mind, hard work, and time on academic accomplishments guarantees the pathway to academic and professional success (Online Colleges, 2018).
What constitutes a student persistence, resilience and determination pathway to success: Life is an array of ups and downs, positives, and negatives. The ability to withstand and overcome the negatives and be strongly positive for the sake of academic, professional and personal fulfillment, the student may have to incorporate into the success pathway the following- plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D, plan, etc. The student must have to learn to have the zeal and quest for enduring success (Online Colleges, 2018).
How to achieve a balance in life between pursuing academic progress and de-stressing: The student learns how to achieve mind, body, and soul healing. In other words, the idea of quality rest maybe include adequate sleep, enjoying family quality time, and quality pleasurable leisure time (Online Colleges, 2018).
In conclusion, when the student turns weaknesses into strengths and strengths, strengthened the possibility of academic, professional, and personal dreams may come true. It is good to understand that an aspect part of academic success is the adequate allocation of time to academic workload. The idea of academic, professional, and personal fulfillment is beneficial to the definition of the meaning and purpose of life. Students, patients, families, and society are defined by the resilience of their mind-set, the willpower to attempt to move in the positive direction of the path of success. The quality of sleep, quality family time and quality pleasurable leisure correlates to paying good attention to details on completing studies, projects, and assignments (Laureate Education, 2018).

The individuals, teams, and departments previously considered in Module 1 as well as how they may provide support with addressing these questions and concerns include:

The Enrollment Specialist: Has been my backbone from the first day I enrolled in Walden University. The enrollment specialist ensured proper enrollment and admission process, proper student orientation, updates, guides, response to e-mails, answers my dump questions gently. The cornerstone of the student expertise academically, professionally, and personal achievement (Laureate Education, 2018).
The instructors: Always available to lay down foundations of academic and professional growth. The cornerstone of the student academic, professional, and personal expertise (Laureate Education, 2018).
The almighty writing Center: The cornerstone of the studentship (Walden University Writing Center (n.d.). 2018).
Colleagues: The solidarity of the student’s career (Laureate Education, 2018).
Walden University College of Nursing: The foundation of nursing academic, professional and personal excellence (American Nurses Association, 2018).


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sample response

I totally agree with you time management is a struggle for most of the students especially with full time job. However, going through the discussion posts gave me the strength that we can do it especially if someone else did it. also reading through the 10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner, provide me with more strength to stay motivated and adapt for the new time set with school, work, and life so I can get a balance. An independent approach to learning, self-direction in getting started in each course, and staying on schedule with assignments will be helpful as you begin your online experience (Online Colleges, 2018).

Also, adhering to specific due dates for activities and assignments will force you to manage your time wisely. From my previous experience with Walden online study they have a lot of resources that can assist you with all of your assignments and projects you will have through out the MSN journey.



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sample discussion post

Week 2 Discussion-Questions

I have asked myself multiple times since the start of my journey with Walden if this is the right time for me to pursue my MSN-FNP degree. Nursing school was challenging, but back then, I had the privilege of not working full time, and my husband and I did not have any kids at the time. Now, being a mom to two little ones under three, working full time (Monday-Friday), and trying to balance family and work life with the addition to school, it has been quite an adjustment. Finding the time to do school work after work every evening after the kids are put to bed or on the weekends during regular family time days has been challenging. I have questioned my decision to go back to school every day since the start of the course, but my personal goal has made me stay focused to accomplish this degree and succeed in the program. As stated in the second video of this week’s module, “If you are successful academically that will lead to professional success, and your professional success will guide your academic venture” (The Walden Journey to a Masters in Nursing, 2018)

A few questions I have attending school at Walden are Time Management, Clinical Preceptorships, and Passing the Boards. I know that Time Management is a huge part of success attending any university. As stated in the second video, “Time management is a key strategy; you have to be able to balance your schoolwork, your personal life, along with your professional life”(The Walden Journey to a Masters in Nursing, 2018). However, I want to know about online universities: ‘What are some of the best time management tips and strategies for online students to ensure success?’

Another concern of mine while attending Walden is during the latter portion of the program; the clinical setting field experience. Walden has been very transparent about being the student’s responsibility to find preceptor sites. It is encouraged to “take the initiative to search for answers through all the services available from the program” (10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner, 2021, 6 section). As adult learners, we are encouraged to be self-efficient and “self-regulated” and expected that “students take control of their learning, developing appropriate strategies such as planning, staying organized and motivated” (Kauffman, n.d./2015, p. 7). However, my question is: ‘Will we be given resources and orientation as to how to go about this process?’ and ‘Will there be an orientation on how to use and implement Meditrek during our clinical rotations?’

Lastly, my final question involves passing the state boards. While in Nursing school, we were given opportunities and tools every semester to prepare for the NCLEX, including practice questions. ‘Will we have a similar type of support or preparation at Walden to prepare for state boards?’. As the course progresses and as I am transitioning back into student mode, I hope that I have become more comfortable with online learning. I know that there will be hiccups along the way, but I feel very confident with the resources, support of the staff and classmates at Walden that I will have a great learning experience.


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sample response

I do feel your struggle. I must admit that having full-time employment, young children under the age of three, is demanding. The time management thing took me years to perfect, and it is only because of floor nursing that I have accomplished this feat. Developing a routine was my first step. NCBI (2018), in an article, agreed that forming a routine varies from person to person and could take a while, not requiring conscious effort or thought (Arlinghaus & Johnston, 2018). These are some other things that worked for me. I have a top five. I have some suggestions I could make if you do not mind:

Develop a routine: Helps to promote organization.
Make a daily to-do list: checking off your list makes you feel good; accomplishments look good at the end of the day; at the end of the day, create your new to-do list for the next day.
Prioritize: Helps to organize your tasks
Stay focused: Deal with distractions one at a time. Turn off phones when possible. The ones you cannot change; do not dwell; try to delegate
*Do not procrastinate: only causes higher stress level and is non-productive
I learned about the effects of procrastination the hard way; it is not an ingredient in my cup of soup anymore. I read a peer-reviewed article in the NCBI (2018) that “procrastination is a form of self-regulation failure that is characterized by the needless delay of things one intends to do despite the expectation of negative consequences (Steel, 2007; cf. Klingsieck, 2013)”. It further states that we as students on a majority, practice procrastination, consider ourselves procrastinators, and one out of five adults is chronically affected (Steel, 2007).

I think you are an ambitious, intelligent young lady with success in her future. I hope I did not offend you in any way. I have been around for quite a while, and I hear most of you are mentioning time management and thought I might share what helped me. And one last thing I would add is to take small breaks; make date times with the husband, it is essential. Dates could be quick at-home meals when kids are napping. Get creative. These things will help you not to feel so guilty about not having the time. I will also leave you with do not become too frustrated if things do not go as planned. These suggestions are not full proof but they helped me to survive. Sounds simple, right? But seriously, it takes a lot of practice, and if you are spiritual much prayer.


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I have many questions as I begin my journey of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I feel like I have so many that sometimes they all just swarm around in my head. My admissions counselor told me that I should begin looking for preceptors and preceptor sites in the first term of school. So one of my biggest questions is, “How do I start finding preceptors and preceptor sites?” A friend of mine graduated from the Acute Care NP program at Walden, and she said that finding preceptor sites proved to be the biggest challenge for her throughout the entire program. Nurse preceptors play a considerable role in developing any student, including both undergraduate and graduate-level nurses (Hugo & Botma, 2020). I feel lucky and had many good clinical instructors and preceptors in my undergrad, which may be why I have such a great appreciation for the nursing profession today. However, there is a significant shortage of nurse practitioners and primary care providers in the United States today. In 2012, it was estimated that the United States healthcare system would need 50,000 more primary care practitioners by 2025 to meet societal demands (Miner, 2019, p. 51). My admissions counselor told me that finding a preceptor will be a challenge because clinical hours are only available Monday through Friday, and I often work during the weekdays. The shortage of preceptors throughout the nation may cause an additional challenge. I could speak to my friend who graduated from Walden and ask what her recommendations are about finding preceptor sites. I could also talk to my academic advisor and ask how to begin this process. I am worried about this because I currently work inpatient, so I do not have many personal contacts in the clinic setting.

Another general question I have is, “How should I prepare for boards?” I know the national average for passing is only 86%, and my admissions counselor told me that Walden sits right at that level. This is something that my co-workers could help me with, as I have several colleagues who are finishing FNP programs. I also work with many NPs who could advise me on this subject. I would like to find ways to study over the next two years to try and set myself up for success. Being successful will probably boil down to good time management once I have a plan in place of what I need to study. According to Hanshaw et al., (2019, p.14), students that graduated between 2008-2018 average over nine hours of phone use per day. While I know I do not use my phone this much, I could cut back on how much I use my phone and other electronics to make more time for my studies.

Hanshaw, A., Mason, P. M., & Loh, C.-P. A. (2019). Time Usage by College Students: Knowledge Acquisition, Degree Value, Work, Sleep and Fun. Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice, 19(5), 98–118.

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samle response

Hello Devon. I think all of your questions regarding the FNP Program at Walden are great questions and very similar to mine. I am thinking about finding and researching clinical preceptor sites now, even though I have just started in the program. I also work during the week, specifically Monday-Friday, so I planned to find clinical sites that are possibly open on Saturdays. That may be wishful thinking, but I am hoping that I find that one clinic that has weekend hours.

Another suggestion, since you currently work during the week, would you be able to switch your workdays to weekend shifts? I work Monday-Friday, and I hope to perform an alternative schedule of four 10 hour shifts and have one day off during the week reserved for clinical rotations. Since you work inpatient and most weekdays, would you be able to work your three shifts at the beginning of the week and dedicate the last couple of days for clinical rotations? It seems as though this part of our MSN-FNP program will take a lot of planning, flexibility, and the “ability to adapt well to change” (10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner, 2021, 3 section).

As for finding Nurse Practitioners who are willing to precept, you are all about professional networking. “Professional networking can help nurses achieve the fundamental knowledge required to take the next step” and “can develop relationships with individuals who work in their desired fields or roles with the intent of gaining knowledge” (Schmidt, 2020). A suggestion I would make, if you have not already done so, is to join a local Nurse Practitioner Association and network within that group. This way, you meet with local Nurse Practitioners to precept you in the future alternatively, know someone who is also willing to precept you.

I hope some of these suggestions help you find preceptorships or give ideas on what to do when looking for clinical sites. I know it will be a challenge to navigate when the time comes, but I hope that we both will be able to figure it out.

        Have you great rest of your week!


10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner. (2021). Online Retrieved March 10, 2021, from

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sample post

Reflect on questions or concerns you might have as you begin the MSN Program

  Matriculating into the MSN program was a critical decision-making moment for me. A decision still laden with apprehension and real concerns of attaining success given the demanding work/life schedule I currently have to juggle. 

Additionally, online learning is an entirely new frontier that adds to the challenge mentioned above as I begin my journey into the MSN program.

With these concerns laid out, I take solace in the fact that minor hurdles like these can be overcome with a determined mind and humility. Asking for help early on as opposed to allowing problems to compound will be a major component of my success. This approach is underscored in the resource article 10 Traits of a successful online learner where confidence and humility is encouraged. The student learner is prompted to have no doubts in their decision on this path but to also reach out for help as needs arise. (10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner, 2011)

Also addressed in the 10 Traits of a successful online learner are a myriad of salient points but what stands out to me is emphasis on Self-direction and Self-efficiency in which prioritizing school and working to complete assignments on time or in advance will go a long way in garnering the student’s success. (10 Traits of a Successful Online Learner, 2011)

Reading these different guidelines and pointers alleviates my angst and helps me to course correct. Heather Kauffman also sites studies of students achieving success with online learning by having a good grasp of EI- Emotional Intelligence- where controlling ones’ feelings or lack thereof impacts outcomes. (Kauffman, 2015)

Studies of individuals with low Emotional Intelligence generally did not yield the desired outcomes, demonstrating that having a good grasp of self-control in any circumstance is as germane to achieving success of ones’ goals as rigorous studies and timely submission of course work. (Kauffman, 2015)

My questions and concerns are not insurmountable and the fact that many have come through this prestigious University with similar concerns and have gone on to achieve their goals is testament that my concerns can be addressed by strengthen my resolve to achieve my goals as well.

Consider the Individuals, Teams and Departments you previously considered in Module 1 as well as how they may provide support with addressing the questions and concerns

Networking as explored in our previous assignment then becomes pivotal in navigating hurdles perceived and seen that obstruct my path to success, and identifying resources and individuals in place to facilitate my success is critical to the process. As mentioned in previous articles in networking, liaising with individuals who have gone through the process like Maria Ohiaeri, FNP, PMH-NP, from my professional Network, who specifically stresses time management; or my student advisor who stresses the importance of the use of a daily calendar, so that adhering to due dates come with ease of use, provides solutions that will help alleviate some of the load I currently juggle.

I will draw on the connections of Dr. Bobba and Dr. Farid Ghebleh in my professional network to help me connect with preceptors critical to fulfilling the clinical component of my program. More importantly, staying connected with my instructors give me first-hand knowledge of what their expectations are of the work assigned, and also how to effectively manage my time to get the work done.

In conclusion, using professional networking, I will strive to achieve knowledge needed in taking the next step in succeeding in my career. (“5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking,” n.d.)

I am not an Island and interactions with my Instructors, collogues, professional and academic network, my goals are made more attainable.


5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking. (n.d.). BluePipes Blog. Retrieved March 5, 2021, from

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Kauffman, H. (2015). A review of predictive factors of student success in and satisfaction with online learning. Research in Learning Technology, 23.

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