Social Anxiety Disorder Sample Essay

Analyze differences between adjustments disorders and anxiety disorders
Analyze diagnostic criteria for anxiety disorders
Analyze evidence-based psychotherapy and psycho-pharmacologic treatment for anxiety disorders
Compare differential diagnostic features of anxiety disorders
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To prepare for this Discussion:

By Day 5 of Week 5, your Instructor will have assigned you an anxiety disorder, which will be your focus for your initial post for this Discussion.


Explain the difference between an adjustment disorder and anxiety disorder. Provide examples to illustrate your rationale.
Explain the diagnostic criteria for your assigned anxiety disorder.( MY ASSIGNED DISORDER IS SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER)

Explain the evidenced-based psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic treatment for your assigned anxiety disorder.( SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER)
Support your rationale with references to the Learning Resources or other academic resource.
Difference between Adjustment Disorders and Anxiety Disorders

According to Jefferson (2013), anxiety disorders are generallycharacterizedby continuous uncontrollable worry and anxiety about different issues and problems inlife and it interfereswith activities of daily life.In other cases, anxiety may have no reasonable causes at all. Most people with anxiety disorders that are linked to changes in life circumstances may experience confusion on whether the lifestyle changes experienced are a normal reaction or the start of anxiety problems (Jefferson, 2013).Therefore, the characteristics that define anxiety disorders are:increased helplessness, tension, restlessness, inadequacy feelings, disturbance of sleep, a rapid respiratory and pulse rate, overexcitement and difficulty in paying attention. Potential examples of anxiety disordersinclude: PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), SAD (social anxiety disorder), panic disorder and OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder) (Jefferson, 2013) Social Anxiety Disorder Sample Essay .


On the other hand, adjustment disorders are asa result of difficulty in coping with very stressful life events. Examples of such life events include: death, financial challenges, divorce orwork termination (Patra & Sarkar, 2013).In other instances, individuals may depict strange behaviors which demonstrate a high potential to be sexually, physically and emotionally harmful to others. Adjustment disorders are therefore characterized by anger/rage, rebellion, high levels of anxiety, depressed moods and even suicidal ideation (Patra & Sarkar, 2013). Perfect examples of adjustment disorders include: adjustment disorder with anxiety, depressed mood with adjustment disorder, conduct disturbance with adjustment disorder and emotion disturbance and mixed conduct with adjustment disorder.

Diagnostic Criteria for Social Anxiety Disorder

The DSM-5 criterion, Social anxiety disorder is diagnosed using the mental health history of a patient which is obtained through an interview. An interview is essential in evaluating the experiences and perceptions of a patient. As noted by Bystritsky et al., (2013), for patients with SAD, the purpose of an interview should be to evaluate the extent of fear with regards to interfering with a patient’s daily functioning,relationships, work or schooling.

It is therefore recommended by the DSM-5 criteria that, the diagnosis of SAD should be made when a client admits/presents with the following symptoms: continuous and intense fear over social situations with fear of humiliation, judgment or embarrassment, avoiding or persevering social situations that result to anxiety with a lot of fear, excessive anxiety which is out of proportion to a specific situation, distress, nervousness, anxiety that interferes with daily life and a patient who reports anxiety/fear which cannot be explained by the abuse of substances, use of medications or an underlying medical condition (Bystritsky et al., 2013) Social Anxiety Disorder Sample Essay .

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy and Pharmacology Management for SAD

Evidence-based research has proven that psychotherapy improves the symptoms of patients diagnosed with SAD. More specifically, the use of CBTis highly recommended for patients with this disorder with regards to anxiety which can be done at individual or group level (Canton, Scott & Glue, 2012).Cognitive behavioral therapyhelps patients diagnosed with SAD to recognize and change theirnegative thoughts, behavior and feelings about themselves and to develop skills which will enhance confidence in social situations (Canton, Scott & Glue, 2012). When exposed to cognitive behavioral therapy, patients work gradually on how to face social situations that they fear the most. This helps them to improve on their skillsof coping and to gain confidence on how to deal with situations that induce anxiety and to challenge individual worries.

Despite the fact that numerous medications are readily available for the management of SAD, the first line drugs are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) (Bandelow, Michaelis & Wedekind, 2017). More specifically, paroxetine also known as Paxil or sertraline also referred to as Zoloft may be prescribed. To minimize the side effects, it is highly advisable that patients are started on a low dose with gradual increases (Canton, Scott & Glue, 2012).These drugs are helpful in the management of persistent social anxiety symptoms.


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