Safe Drug Prescription Discussion

The United States records one of the highest drug abuse and addiction cases in the world. Apart from terrorism, drug and substance abuse are the major challenges faced by the country. In fact, various government bodies and private agencies strive to eradicate the habit of drug misuse. Evidently, over-indulgence in drug and substance abuse leads to further deterioration of the overall population, reducing the amount of personnel available to execute activities which would lead to economic growth. Precisely, the population of working individuals abusing drugs is on an increase, an aspect that contributes immensely to the high cases of mental problems in the country. According to de Nesnera and Allen (2016), some of these people use prescribed drugs inappropriately. Despite the effort by medical institutions and various agencies providing pharmacological interventions and therapeutic assistance to alleviate the situation, drug peddlers remain the biggest threat. It is through this issue that the U.S. dedicates substantial amounts of funds to the Drugs and Enforcement Agency (DEA) to fight the drug menace. Additionally, the government provides specialized programs to advanced nurse practitioners for instance the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), in handling drug addicts. Through these interventions, the population would maintain healthy standards in the long run Safe Drug Prescription Discussion.

Role of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Regards to PMHNP

The DEA plays a vital role in curtailing the use and spread of harmful drugs in the country. In fact, the incorporation of the DEA in taming substance use contributes significantly to the reduction in mental cases. The collaborations between the DEA and PMHNPs leads to sharing of dependable information about abused drugs (de Nesnera and Allen, 2016). For instance, the PMHNPs advice the DEA to curtail the sale of potential stimulants prescribed illegally. In return, the DEA conducts investigations and arrest unscrupulous owners of private clinics who engage in unlawful prescription.


Duties of a PMHNP Holding DEA Number

Various agencies in the country collaborate to ensure a healthy population. Since the effect of misusing prescribed drugs is the new trend, the government advocates for PMHNPs to register for DEA numbers. Colvin et al. (2015) posit that PMHNPs who hold DEA numbers are required to divulge useful intelligence that may lead to the prosecution of possible drug-distributing criminals. Specifically, DEA number holders are required to curtail the habit of abusing pharmaceutical medication. They oversee lawful drug prescription in the quest to maintain a healthy population and minimize psychological predicaments.

Process in Applying for DEA Number

The DEA identification number is specifically designed to identify a practitioner according to the specialization. A medical professional ought to obtain registration within the state of operation before applying for a DEA number. According to Davis, Carr, Southwell and Beletsky, (2015), potential applicants make online submissions where they reveal their personal information at the initial stage. The second stage entails a detailed explanation of the areas of specialization. For instance, a PMHNP elaborates on his/her prowess in handling psychotic cases. Besides, the third segment requires ascertaining one’s license, followed by the fourth part where applicants provide explanations about sensitive and controlled drugs. The fifth stage requires payment of commitment fees before submitting the details for scrutiny.

Requirements for Safe Prescriptions in Maryland

Various states implement programs with the help of formulated bodies to ensure safe and recommended drug dispensation. In Maryland, the Drug Monitoring Program (M-PDMP) oversees the process of handling controlled drugs in an appropriate manner. Formed in 2011, M-PDMP advises practitioners on safe prescription. In fact, medical professionals in Maryland are expected to assess a patient’s medical history to warrant precise prescription of controlled drugs (Pronovost et al., 2015). Besides, the state recommends for mandatory registering through the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP).

Drugs Prescribed in Schedule II-V Level

In Maryland, drug classification is done by the Foods and Drugs Administration. Based on the deliberation of PMHNP, one can prescribe OxyContin in Schedule Two, although it is likely to cause psychological problems if abused. In Schedule Three, PMHNMP can prescribe codeine not exceeding 90mg/dose (Shepherd, 2014). Besides, Schedule Four entails drugs with mild psychological effects like valium, while a practitioner can prescribe ezogabime drugs in Schedule Five Safe Drug Prescription Discussion.


Drug and substance abuse continues to be a menace to the American population. The habit leads to an increased population suffering from psychological problems, an aspect that affects labor productivity. Through this aspect, PMHNPs collaborate with the DEA in eradicating drug dependence. In fact, one can obtain a DEA number after satisfying the required facets during application.


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Shepherd, J. (2014). Combating the prescription painkiller epidemic: a national prescription drug reporting program. American journal of law & medicine, 40(1), 85-112. Safe Drug Prescription Discussion.

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