Reflective Journal Nursing Example

Week 1: New practice approaches

The material presented for the first week introduced nursing as an evolving practice with new concepts being introduced while old concepts become obsolete. Reviewing the material allowed me to develop an appreciation for nursing research that identified possible improvement areas, noting how the improvement can occur for the best outcomes (Jensen, 2014). As a result, I understand that I can only become the best nurse through always being cognizant of the latest changes within the industry and how these changes can be applied for the best outcomes. Reflective Journal Nursing Example

Week 2: Interprofessional collaboration

The material presented for the second week entails appreciating the unique roles that each medical profession performed. It focused on the notion that although some roles overlapped, each medical profession in unique since it acts as a career opportunity that complements other medical professions. The implication is that nurses cannot work in isolation and must collaborate with other medical professions to realize the best care outcomes for their patients (Shohani et al., 2017). In this respect, I developed a deeper appreciation for intra-professional collaboration and its role in ensuring favorable outcomes for patients.


Week 3. Health care delivery and clinical systems

The material presented for the third week introduced the concept of clinical systems and how they relate to health care delivery. In this case, there was a concession that delivering nursing care involves complex relationships with a myriad of factors capable of influencing care outcomes. This justified the need for different certification and licensing to limit practice capacities (Wessel & Manthey, 2015). My take from the week’s learning content is that knowledge levels determine how much duties and responsibilities a nurse can be assigned.Reflective Journal Nursing Example

Week 4. Ethical considerations in health care

The material presented for the fourth week discussed the effects of ethics on nursing care delivery. The major ethical considerations concerned centrality, communication, and confidentiality that nurses must observe in their professional practice (Scott, 2017). As a result, I learnt that issues of right and wrong in nursing care must consider centrality, communication and confidentiality.

Week 5. Population health concerns

The material presented for the fifth week addressed population health concerns by identifying whole population needs as broad determinants of health that would then be matched with nursing practices at different levels. This means that nursing needs are dependent on the specific health problems that the population faces (Holzemer & Klainberg, 2014). Based on this material, I now understand that my value as a nurse is dependent on what the community requires of me as a nurse and whether I can deliver on these needs.

Week 6. The role of technology in improving health care outcomes

The material presented for the sixth week addressed the role of technology in addressing health care needs. It noted that technology has typically been intended to support human activity. This means that although a human can complete a task, introducing technology to complete that task will free up the human for other activities while speeding up the results and reducing the incidence of human-based errors. Although technology has functional advantages, it has also introduced some disadvantages to include cultural resistance, integration mismatch, scaling difficulties, and cost issues (Davis & LaCour, 2014).

Week 7. Health policy

The material presented for the seventh week evaluating the concept of health policy and how it shaped nursing practice. Policies were introduced as directives that directed how nursing personnel completed their tasks. As such, nurses are best positioned to direct policy development and application since they are directly engaged in practice and are more knowledgeable about how different factors influence their practice (Porche, 2017). I now understand that as a nurse, I have an opportunity to influence health policy.

Week 8. Leadership and economic models

The material presented for the eighth week mentioned that nurses have made a significant contribution towards health through practice, policy development, scientific advancement, and profession. This means that investing in nursing can realize returns in terms of clinical, social and economic outcomes, with the most outcomes realized when nurses are involved at the leadership level (Shamian & Ellen, 2016).Reflective Journal Nursing Example

Week 9. Health disparities

The material presented for the ninth week discussed the concept of health disparities. It acknowledged that the disparities that exist within the social context (such as economics) are translated into the health industry. This is evidenced by the differential mortality rates reported for preventable health issues that include drug addiction and abuse, and facility-mediated infection. Nurses can address these disparities by identifying them then developing solutions to address them, such as treating all patients equally irrespective of demographic differences (Wesley, 2011).


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Reflective Journal Nursing Example

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