Job Description for Nursing Position Essay

Preparing to Find, Interview, and Hire Candidates

Developing effective job descriptions that promote organizational outcomes is an important step in finding and hiring the right candidates. The human resources department might have descriptions already created, but rewriting portions of job descriptions with specifics or more information will help to ensure that candidates clearly understand the scope and responsibilities of the position. Even if a rewrite is not possible, a hiring manager should know what is in a job description, including any organizational requirements specific to certain positions, such as skills testing, background checks, drug screening, and medical examinations Job Description for Nursing Position Essay.

Consider this scenario: You are the manager of a health care unit (Mental Health Unit) and have an open position for a nurse. Three major bullets below need to be addressed and explained concisely, logically, and thoroughly.

Developa job description for the nursing positionfrom a unique and creative perspective.

Determine and createa plan for collaborating with the human resources department to fill this positionfrom a unique and creative perspective.

Createat least 15 interview questions that you plan to ask the applicants and one scenario-based questionfrom a unique and creative perspective.
*Cite and reference sources and APA formatted.

*Includes a minimum of five scholarly references.

*The Introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

*The conclusion is logical, flows, and reviews the major points.

Preparing to Find, Interview, and Hire Candidates




Preparing to Find, Interview, and Hire Candidates


The focus of this paper is on the process of identifying, interviewing, and hiring the right candidate for an open nurse position. This will include developing a job description for the nursing position and formulating a plan for collaboration with the HR department when filling the position. Finally, an overview of the projected interview questions for candidates seeking to fill the position will be presented.

Job Description for the Nursing Position

The open nurse positionrequires a competent and an experienced mental health nurse. The candidate should be competent in crisis intervention, mental health, psychotherapies, as well as medications in the mental health field. The position requires an individual with effective collaboration and teamwork skills in order to be a competent member of amultidisciplinary care team during care provision. The nurse should have the ability to closely work with the treatment team in developing apersonalized treatment plan for the patients (Green & Johnson, 2015). The position requires a candidate competent in medication administration, as well as competency in providing individual and group therapy to clients and their families (Blythe& White, 2017).

The position requires a candidate with effective critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, flexibility and competency in collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team. The candidate will be required to provide prompt, responsive and evidence-based treatment.

Specifically, the key duties of the candidate will be: Assessment of the patients’ health needs; case management; formulation of patients’ treatment plans; provision of psychotherapy services; medication administration; provision of personalized care; provision of coordinated care with the patient, families, physicians, and other healthcare providers; and provision of urgent response to patient having serious functional impairments (Mahone et al, 2016).

Collaboration Plan with the Human Resources Department

A meeting between the nurse manager and representatives from the human resource department will be heldto discuss the nursing position. During the meeting, the nurse manager will present the specific skills, qualifications, experience, and competencies that the nursing department desires the right candidate to possess. The HR department will also present the required qualifications for the candidate. Both departments will then deliberate and agree on the overall skills and competencies that the required candidate should possess. In addition, the nurse manager will inform the HR department about the issues nurses face while working to ensure the HR department addresses such issues during recruitment of the candidate (Gavigan et al, 2016).

There will be regular communications through e-mail about the position in order to establish skills and competencies need for unified operation of departmental functions (Green & Johnson, 2015). The nurse unit manager and the HR department should collaboratively review the job position description for accurateness and completeness (Franklin et al, 2015).

The nurse-manager will consult with the HR department to know the organizational expectations on their employees. In addition, the nurse manager will request for the involvement of nursing employees during the recruitment process and partnership between the two departments. During the recruitment and selection process, the nurse unit manager will consult with the HR on how to identify the qualified candidates andcurrent departmentalpersonnelskills (Weller & Reid, 2014).

Interview Questions

What is your educational qualification and experience in themental health field?
What motivates you as a mental health nurse, even during the hardest shifts?
Describe the best approach to handle difficult patients?
Provide an example you interacted with an aggressive patient. How did you deal with the situation and what was the outcome?
Tell us about a time you put your personal needs aside in order to make sure the psychiatry team continued functioning efficiently?
Describe a time you encountered a patient who did not want to divulge vital information. How did you deal with the situation? What was the outcome?
Describe an incident when you provided effective psychotherapy?
Describe a time you handled a patient in crisis. What was the outcome?
Mention different types of evidence-based psychotherapies for people with mental health problems?
Name a mood stabilizer, an anti-depressant, and an anti-psychotic; their use, class, mechanism of action and their specific side effects?
Describe how you prioritize care activities while ensuring high-quality patient care?
How do you deal with complaints made by patients against colleagues?
How do you handle conflicts in theworkplace? Describe any time there was a conflict in the healthcare team and how you handled the conflict?
How do you ensure collaboration and maintain teamwork in a multidisciplinary team?
Describe your response to feedback from superiors like nurse leaders and physicians?
Describe a situation you took a leadership role? Job Description for Nursing Position Essay
Scenario-Based Question

A 30-year-old male client with an antisocial personality disorder and comorbid bipolar disorder reports the desire to stab himself and emphasizes that he can only accept help from a specific mental health nurse. How would you handle the situation? What should you include when formulating the patient’s nursing care?


The requirements for the nurse position include competency in mental health, mental health medications, psychotherapies,and crisis intervention. Other required competencies also include assessment competency, effective care provision, critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaboration skills,and teamwork. The collaboration will involve holding a meeting with the HR personnel to discuss the desired competencies and skills for the job opening. Additionally, it is necessary to communicate regularlyregarding the position in case any review is necessary. Finally, specific staff members from both departments should take part in the recruitment and selection process.


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Weller B & Reid U. (2014).Nursing Human Resources Planning and Management Competencies.Human Resources in Nursing.1(2) Job Description for Nursing Position Essay.

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