Health Organization case study

Health Organization Case Study: UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is among the biggest health organizations that operate around the world. Started three decades ago, the corporation conducts its services in 17 states. Notably, the headquarters of the healthcare group is situated in Minnesota. In the United States, UnitedHealth Group operates in 50 states and is the 22nd best performing corporation in the country. The organization specializes in offering an array of healthcare services in the U.S. and around the globe. Characteristically, it operates in two units: UnitedHealth Care and Optum. UnitedHealth Group caters for over 75 million individuals across the globe, assisted by a staff of over 100,000 employees. Notably, UnitedHealth Group specializes in marketing medical services to the population. It focuses on addressing the various healthcare necessities within the population and formulating strategic plans to warrant efficient service delivery. Besides, the administration ensures the implementation of contingency measures for the company to handle unforeseen calamities regarding health matters. In the process, such approaches ensure its long-term growth and feasibility to remain relevant. Importantly, UnitedHealth Group has in place innovative strategies aimed at streamline healthcare detail to clients, an aspect that improves its network readiness. It is evident that through these implementations, the agency is able to maintain efficiency through cost management, and provide quality healthcare services to its customers. Health Organization case study

Readiness of UnitedHealth Group in Addressing Medical Needs

UnitedHealth Group is determined to offer excellent medical services to its clients. With the increase in admittance cases arising from numerous cases of chronic ailments caused by poor lifestyles among the population, the organization puts in place appropriate measures to ensure optimal satisfaction of patient demands. According to Castro, Van Regenmortel, Vanhaecht, Sermeus, and Van Hecke (2016), upholding a culture of patient-centeredness ensures quick attainment of intended goals in healthcare facilities. In fact, the administrators believe in patient-centeredness, as a policy of ensuring efficacy. Based on this facet, UnitedHealth Group strives to make service dissemination personal and simple.

Notably, primary care to clients is the basis of UnitedHealth Group operations. The aspect prioritizes care management, besides initiating coordination in ensuring uninterrupted delivery of health services. It is important to note that many people fail to access excellent medical services due to low-income levels. According to Alkire, and Seth (2015), mortality rates are most likely to record high statistics in poor localities. For this reason, UnitedHealth Group connects patients with highly trained but affordable professionals, who conduct assessment and deliberate on the most effective treatment modalities. Additionally, the organization ensures timely prescription of drugs at affordable rates. UnitedHealth Group leverages technological aspects that connect with clients through telemedicine, with the aid of predictive data and analytics. Majorly, this aspect allows clinicians in various health institutions to forecast on patient trends regarding diverse health issues (What Health Care Can Do When It’s Caring and Smart (n.d). For this reason, UnitedHealth Group can deliberate on the most appropriate interventions to implement t ensure a healthy population. It is also important to categorically not that the technological aspect in health matters enables patients to conduct self-assessments, and report of any issues pertaining to their wellbeing.


Strategic Plan Addressing Network Growth, Nurse Staffing, Resource Management, and Patient Satisfaction

Network Growth

UnitedHealth Group expects to expand its base of care delivery from$20 billion to $ 50 billion in the next half-decade. According to the company, the expected rise will be exclusively based on increased networking and transactions on the contracts linking significant portions of reimbursements to cost-efficiency measures. Notably, UnitedHealth Group aims at improving patient outcomes at affordable costs through incorporating value-based payment models (Hartford, 2013). Importantly, the corporation offers diverse levels of integration with its providers. Based on these aspects, UnitedHealth Group attracts and maintains a broader clientele base, while improving its network connections with important players in the healthcare sector. Health Organization case study

Nurse Staffing

UnitedHealth Group implements strategies to lower medical spending and improving leadership in the healthcare sector. Characteristically, the organization is focused on supporting varied reforms regarding the quality of service delivery in medical institutions. It purposes to re-engineer its payment structure through the development of a single price with significant discounts. The agency recommends patients to seek medical assistance from highly trained and skilled nurse practitioners (NPs). Evidently, the NPs provide valuable assistance especially in care homes, where they conduct assessment and diagnostic procedures before administering treatment interventions (Freeman, 2017). For this reason, UnitedHealth Group fosters cost-efficient health, while encouraging appropriate environments for nurses to operate.

Resource Management

UnitedHealth Group strives to ensure minimal wastage of resources in the process of care delivery. Notably, the company ensures minimal procedural requirement during patient assessment and diagnostics. Reduction in the timeframe for treatment modalities is directly related to a reduction in healthcare costs. Additionally, UnitedHealth Group provides a single point of contact for patients to address their various health demands (What Health Care Can Do When It’s Caring and Smart (n.d). Evidently, this aspect helps reduce unnecessary charges for sick victims.

Patient Satisfaction

UnitedHealth Group provides patients with a wide range of care plans, from which they can choose, and commit. Notably, it encourages the application of relevant education tools to ensure patients are acquainted with the necessary information about their preferred healthcare plans. Additionally, the agency reports on various opportunities of increasing primary care access, through using advanced practice nurses (APNs) in the dissemination of healthcare services. Evidently, the interventions ensure patient satisfaction and loyalty. Health Organization case study

Comparison between UnitedHealth Group and Singapore Airlines

UnitedHealth Group and Singapore Airlines share an array of similarities in their operations. Notably, the two corporations derive their success by maintaining customer satisfaction. Whereas UnitedHealth Group incorporates measures to ensure patients access affordable health care services, Singapore Airlines purposes to maintain customer satisfaction through analyzing and implementing client preferences as presented in surveys. Additionally, the two companies strive to minimize costs incurred by clients and expand their network. Precisely, UnitedHealth Group minimizes admission and diagnostic procedures, an aspect that attracts and retains a broader customer base, while Singapore Airlines indulges in extensive advertisement campaigns. Besides, both companies ensure clients enjoy excellent services, with UnitedHealth Group assigning qualified nurse practitioners to patients, while Singapore Airlines employs youthful but competent staffs, who develop an appeal for its clients.

Cultural Issues

Culture affects the smooth running of operations in any organization. Notably, it is evident that the majority of Singapore Airline clients are from Asian countries, who uphold conservative opinions about life. However, is important to understand that provision of medical services may overlook the aspect of culture if optimal results are to be realized. Notably, a healthcare institution may recommend an old but experienced physician to attend to a patient. Based on the Asian culture, employing young clinicians with less knowledge of health matter may jeopardize the safety and health of clients.


UnitedHealth Group is a giant conglomerate that specializes in improving the overall health statuses of the population in the United States and all over the world. Notably, it advocates for the affordable dissemination of health care services to clients, by providing dependable treatment modalities. Besides, it recommends qualified NPs to handle patient predicaments. Similarly, Singapore Airlines strives to offer excellent services to its customers, by upholding client preference. The two companies employ similar strategies, which aim at client satisfaction. However, Singapore Airlines hires a youthful staff, to confine with the Asian culture. It is important to note that the healthcare sector may not consider the age factor when dissemination services, since patient safety is paramount. Health Organization case study


Alkire, S., & Seth, S. (2015). Multidimensional poverty reduction in India between 1999 and 2006: Where and how?. World Development, 72, 93-108.

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Health Organization case study

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