Environment Analysis of Florida Hospital South

The reason for an environment analysis is to be able to develop an organization outcome. It allows organizations to see challenges and opportunities for growth. Organizations like Florida Hospitals have had its challenges and growth. Florida Hospital was built in 1908 and has been around for over 100 years. Florida Hospital is the flagship facility for Adventist Health System which is the largest nonprofit Protestant healthcare provider in the nation, operating 37 hospitals in 12 states and apart of the worldwide organization of the Seventh day Adventist Church. Florida Hospital has 25 hospital campuses from the east coast to the west coast of Central Florida. Florida Hospital Orlando South is located around arts, science and medicine and have an annual number of emergency cases of 106,024, annual number of inpatients of 55,301, an annual number of outpatient visits of 176,086, 336 critical care beds and 1414 licensed beds. This organization has over 8000 employees and over 2000 staff physicians. Needless to say, this organization have a lot of internal and external factors that must be considered in order to remain afloat. Florida Hospital South is one of the longest running healthcare providers in Central Florida. Its roots extend deeply into the history, culture, and wellbeing of the community. Florida Hospital South collective focus is on achieving longer, healthier, happier lives for the community and world beyond. Healthcare industries are a very dynamic environment and large urban hospitals such as Florida Hospital South are faced with many challenges. In order to meet these challenges, it will take the leadership in the organization along with teamwork from every department. When looking at Florida Hospital South challenges, leadership should consider several external factors such as political aspects, economic, cultural and sociological factors, ecological factors, and legal and ethical aspects. Leadership will also need to focus on internal factors such as the mission and purpose of the organization, technology, supply chain, and information system. An analysis needs to be done to identify all factors affecting the success of the organization. Environment Analysis of Florida Hospital South


 Let start with the external factors first.  When looking at external factors affecting a Florida Hospital South, the two levels of factors that need attention is macro and micro levels.  The external factor for economic and social that is key in the hospital is revenues.  When people think of out of pocket spending, they think the hospital is making revenue.  Out of pocket spending isn’t a major payer for hospitals.  The economy state affects public spending policies which in a roundabout way control hospital revenue.  When new laws are introduced, hospitals show silent revenue.  With new provisions come change in hospitals reimbursement policies.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act reduced revenue growth for a lot of the large hospitals and other organizations.  The social factors influence hospitals margins.  The shift in the demographic mix in the U.S affected the public spending in healthcare.  The Baby Boomer are getting older and have chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions.  Another eternal factor is politics.  The Affordable Healthcare Act has numerous mandates set.  For some meeting these requirements may be costly or just not attainable.  Culture is another factor that affects hospitals.  Community culture can be very hurtful.  The way of a community receive treatment from large hospitals can quickly threaten the survival of the hospital.  The hospital set up may be a factor of how the community perceive it.  The layout of the setting- is it easy to get around and locate the patient’s destination.  The quality of the environmental information such as signs, lighting, décor, landmarks, and color are very important variables that help guide patients and families to their location and is important for patient satisfaction.  The size of the hospital and the location is an essential to the community.  The Department of Ecology uses tools develop by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA).  It analyzed and determine the benefits of regulating air pollution.  This was done to estimate health effects at a “clean air” level.  PM2.5 was associated with increases in heart, circulatory, and lung diseases that may cause death.  The hospital believes in a ‘clean air’ environment.   Legal and ethical factors is very common in hospitals environment.  Almost every decision made can have an ethical impact on a patient, provider, and the organization.  It also can have a legal factor.  One example is Mental Health.  Many patients don’t get the care that they need because it’s viewed as a “taboo”.   Some doctors don’t treat it as they should because either they don’t want the liable or don’t know how.  There’s also ethical dilemma that arise at the end of life.  A decision must be made to turn off the life support machines and allow death to happen.  Family members can’t accept it and some providers know it’s the best thing to do.  Providers have an ethical duty to tell the families the truth, but some may want to encourage the families because death is not what anyone wants to see.  Another ethical aspect is confidentiality. Environment Analysis of Florida Hospital South  This is both a legal and an ethical issue.  A patient’s information is confidential.  There are laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also known as HIPPA.  HIPPA defines what information regarding a patient can be released and to whom.  An example of this is insurance may not have the right to certain medical information, but if there’s a risk to another party, a provider may need to break the confidentiality to prevent harm.  Also, there’s another legal and ethical issue – Consent.  All patients must provide written consent to be treated.  If a doctor provide service for a procedure without proper consent, legally the provider will be at fault, but ethically the doctor may have done the right thing to save the patient life.  Also, a provider can’t disclose information to others unless the patient gives their consent to it.

Now that the external factors have been discussed, let’s look at some of the internal factors. Every hospital and organization have a mission statement, a vision statement, and/ or a purpose. These statements are used as a marketing plan to help inspire the community to work for the hospital or organization and to help the employees and community to buy into the changes that may be getting ready to occur. Engaging the employees and community helps to prepare a more mind set environment to prevent possible problems. Technology is another internal factor that Florida Hospital South must consider. Technology change every day. There’s always a better, easier, faster or more sufficient way of doing something. With these changes and updates happening all the time, the hospitals must stay on top of it. This means spending more money to keep up with advancement of technology. The hospital need to be more efficient and productive by using the new and improve technology. Another internal factor is the supply chain. Leadership look at different targets for cost reductions such as purchasing items, reducing costs in doctor’s preferred items, or staffing. Supply chain integration is important for cost-effective and efficient processes. All of these lead up to cost-savings. One shortage that occur without much warning is a drug shortage. A drug shortage can cause a supply chain issue such as having to keep back-up inventory or purchasing a more expensive alternative. Lastly, is the information system in Florida Hospital South. Informational system investments can be costly but needed. This will improve patient care over a period of time. For Florida Hospital South, it can be hard to make this kind of investments especially in an economic recession. Better systems mean better quality of care. The hospital with IT systems upgrades can exchange health information between departments and with nurses and doctors. A good IT system can talk to all departments which is a good thing because no matter if a patient started in the ER their information is already in the hands of the next area that the patient may need to go. The one thing that the hospital does need to be concerned with is data security. Data security is a must and needs to be update always. A patient privacy will always be a top priority. Florida Hospital can’t afford a breech due to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is a violation that can impact the hospital negatively.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have always been in competition. This is a mechanism to enhance value for patients. When there’s competition, there’s provision for better products and services to meet the needs of the patients. Quality of health care systems costs depends on the strategic mission and goals which are considered determinants of patient satisfaction. Quality and process improvement can lead to a decreased in costs; therefore, increases patient satisfaction. Consideration is viewed in the impact of competition regarding external environment and the internal environment factors. Not only do hospitals must worry about the competition but some of the other challenges as well. These may consist of financial viability, risk tolerance, and technology. When establishing competitive gain, the hospital or organization needs to develop a better product, charge a cheaper price, and provide better service. A hospital has to have a distinctive brand that the competition can’t imitate. Patients not only will remember the service received but will also feel a sense of value. Environment Analysis of Florida Hospital South

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Environment Analysis of Florida Hospital South

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