Conducting a Professional Interview Essay

Conducting a Professional Interview: Part 2 – The Interview


By interviewing the director of the HR department you will gain an understanding of how your business partner can help you find and hire candidates, discover how the department can help you understand the laws and organizational policies pertaining to employment practices, and prepare to lead and manage employees fairly and legally.

Using the interviewing tool you created in Week 1, conduct the interview with the director of the HR department Conducting a Professional Interview Essay.

Write 1,050 words report of your findings from the interview. Include the following in your report:

Summarize the goals and vision of the HR department. (possible points: 1)
Analyze the roles the HR department plays within the health care organization. (possible points: 3)
Determine challenges that could arise when working with an HR business partner. (Possible points: 3)
Recommend at least three strategies with details for nursing departments to communicate and partner with the HR department. (Possible points: 3)
*Includes a minimum of five scholarly references with a minimum of one in-text citations for each reference in APA format.

*The introduction needs to provide sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

  • The Conclusion needs to be logical, flows, and reviews the major points.
  • More possible points meaning, you need to focus and explain in detail thoroughly Conducting a Professional Interview Essay .

Conducting a Professional Interview: Part 1 – Interviewing Tools

Hello, my name is(name of the interviewer). I am the nurse leader. I would like to enquire about recruitment process of nursing staff and establish a collaborative relationship between the HR department and the nursing unit to facilitate efficient hiring and management of employees. The purpose is to gain awareness regarding the organizational recruitment process,establish a relationship between me as the nurse leader and the HR department to improve recruitment process of nursing staff and their management. In this regard, I will ask various questions regarding recruitment process, collaboration between nursing staff and HR department, the role of HR in management and finding and hiring candidates, and finally the role the HR plays in managing employee issue. I would therefore appreciate if you could avail me with the requested information. Confidentiality and privacy of the requested information will be ensured Conducting a Professional Interview Essay.

Interviewing Tools

Goals and objectives of the of the HR How long have you been working as the director of the HR at the Glendale Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center (GMHHC)?
4 years

What are the duties and responsibilities of the HR director?
The duties of the HR director are much like any other management positions. As the director, you make decisions on policies, exceptions, help staffs perform their responsibilities correctly, and work with managers of other departments to run the organization effectively. The director has higher level of decision making and authority the he or she is responsible to create and change policies or process and generate an environment where employees are successful.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for this department?
Short term goal is to increase the HR department compliance and functionalities bytraining new HR employees appropriately to perform HR jobs efficiently and effectively.

Long term goals are to ensure that the HR department helps the hospital and the organization, the Dignity Health, to be successful by focusing on improving patient safety, patient satisfaction, and engaging employees.Ensure that the hospital is financially found by hiring right employees, lowering turnovers, helping managers communicating annual employee survey results, and planning to improve survey result.

Kindly explain to me some of your talent acquisition objectives? Acquire best employees by becoming best employer
What are your talent goals objectives?
What are your goals and objectives when it comes to ensuring organizational excellence, especially in regard to nursing staff?
Hiring good employees, communicating for good working environment, safe

Please tell me some of your set specific performance management goals?
Compliance goal is to ensure low employee injury rate, licenses and certification current, 100% background checks on every new hire, etc. Other performance goals are reducing turnovers of first year employees, get all the employees performance evaluations, survey employees.

What do you like most about working as the HR director at the GMHHC?
Dignity Health is mission oriented, non-profit organization that wants to contribute to the community. More work gets employee more involved in community that the HR work is more meaningful at the Dignity. Also, one of the most good thing about the HR director is planning events and throwing parties like service award to share good work of Dignity Health with all employees.

What are the biggest challenges you face at the GMHHC?
It challenging to be able to make money with increasing government rules and regulations, which causes more expenses to operate; more regulation, less reimbursement

How well the HR department interfaces with the nursing department How do you communicate with leaders of other departments beside emailing? Does HR have regular meetings with other departments?
The director has different meetings with different people for regular reasons. There is a weekly meeting with other vice presidents like CFO (chief financial officer), COO (chief operating officer), GMH president, GMH vice president of philanthropy, CNE (chief nursing executive, CMO (chief medical officer), and director of risk and quality. Every two weeks, there is a meeting with the hospital president to talk about human resource issues and other meetings with other directors as needed. The director also meets with union like once a month.

What are the processes that the HR has put in place to promote collaboration with the nursing department?Regular meetings, maintain good communication through e-mail, text, work with nursing department on regular basis
Does the HR department seek input from the nursing care team particularly in undertakings touching the nursing department?
Yes. The HR department seeks input from the unit managersand nursing care team or any other sources as necessary.

Is there any form of partnership between your department and the nursing administration?The HR department and the nursing administration work together on regular basis as the form of function and strategic partnership.
Please provide any additional thoughts about your department’s journey towards inter-professional collaboration with the nursing department?
The HR department and the nursing department must build strong mutual accountability and support collaboration to foster a win-win partnership that brings syergy in practice.

How the HR department helps with finding and hiring candidates Do you have a systemic recruitment plan for the nursing department? What does it entail? Please explain the significance of the plan.
Yes, there is a systemic recruitment plan but recruitment unit doesn’t report to the HR director.


How does the HR recruit nurses?

a. How does the HR identify the open position?

HR recruiters meet unit managers monthly and look for their staffing needs.

b. How does the HR market open position and attract applicants?

Post it online, attend job fairs & professional associations, Virtual online job fair, partnering with nursing school, visiting schools and providing rotation & training program.

c. How does the HR screen and select applicants?

Application system, which asks certain questions to screen, Behavioral interviewing, Pharmacology test, EKG test for certain units, interviewing with unit managers, Background check, physical and drug test, and Reference check.

d. Does the HR focus on candidate selection to fit institution over job specific requirement? Both.

e. Does the HR perform a background check prior to shortlisting of interview candidates? Yes.

f. How does the HR handle too much or too little qualified applicants?

For too little applicant, utilize nationwide code calling computer system to attract applicants by accessing database. For too many applicants, Screen by answer for question C.

g. How many candidates and for how long does the HR usually schedule the appointment for the open position?

Until we find right candidates.

How does the HR keep up with the latest trends in recruiting such as mobile recruiting?
Recruitment unit purchase programs

Does the HR have proactive recruitment strategies?
Robust recruiting system using targeted code calling to track applicants

Tell me about the induction programfor the new nursing staff
Nothing special but there is two to three days orientation program

HR assistance during reviews and managing employee issues What are some of performance review systems do you find most appropriate? How does the HR department ensure that the performance review is conducted fairly?
Performance review system that is most used is most appropriate. The HR department ensure that the performance review is conducted fairly by training mangers.

Please explain to me the available performance-based incentives for the employees?
There is no performance-based incentives for the employees at the GMHHC Conducting a Professional Interview Essay.

What does HR do for the employees who received unsatisfactory performance review?
Communicate with managers, provide employees information to improve performance, and create a respectful environment for employees to talk to managers.

What are some of strategies in place to motivate the organizational staff?
Employee recognition, frequent communication, and positive feedback

How does the HR handle employee complaints?
For most of complaints, the HR works with unit managers and ensures that managers response employee issues. But, for complains that require direct HR intervention such as sexual harassment, discrimination, or violation of HR laws, the HR launch investigation, interview people, analyze data, draw conclusion, and make recommendations for action to respond to the employee who has complained.

What is the role of the HR in ensuring occupational health and safety of the employees?
The HR make sure that employees have 100% flu shots, TB shots, and mask fit testing.

What are some of conflict resolution strategies used by the HR department to resolve employee issues?
Utilize most appropriate medium to deal with the employee issue such as unit managers in most of case and open communication.

What happens if the HR cannot resolve employee issues?
Follow chain of command (escalate the issues)

Questions on interviewing tools

Prior to schedule an appointment with the HR director for an interview, above set of questions are developed as a tool to guide the interview. There are four main categories; goals and objectives, HR collaboration with nursing department, HR role in recruiting candidates, and the HR strategies for reviews and managing employee issues Conducting a Professional Interview Essay.

The first nine questions are created to find specific goals and objectives of the HR directors. Answers to these questions will provide an overview of the expectations of the HR for the organizational personnel, and this includes the nursing department. The next five questions focus on how the HR department collaborates with the nursing department. When it comes to questions regarding HR department interface with the nursing department, it is important to ensure collaboration between these two departments. This is because evidence shows that partnership and involvement of nursing staff with the HR department helps in ensuring the right mix of the nursing staff. This is because the nursing staff has firsthand experience of what a nurse employee entails and hence their involvement will assist in identifying the most competent candidate during the hiring process (Cogin, Ng,& Lee, 2016). The third category asks questions

regarding HR assistance in finding the and hiring candidates, the questions will focus on finding out the role the HR department plays in drafting the most qualifying candidates for open nursing positions. These questions will find out the attributes the HR considers most necessary for the nursing staff and the reasons. Additionally, this section will identify the strategic recruitment plan the HR uses (Kabene,Orchard, Howard, Soriano, & Leduc, 2016). Moreover, skills and experience are an essential aspect for the workforce. It is important for the HR personnel to consider the health workforce composition, especially when it comes to skills categories and level of training. Accordingly, it is important for the HR to ensure the right mix of employees is recruited and that the hired nursing staffs are competent enough to perform their skills. A suitably trained and competent workforce is fundamental for successful healthcare practice (Kabene et al., 2016). Lastly, the HR department is responsible for implementing strategies for reviews and managing employee issues. The significance of questions regarding the HR assistance during reviews and management of employee issues is that the HR department provides diverse strategies that aid nurse managers in handling various complex challenges to ensure that people are managed effectively (Kurnat-Thomas,Ganger, & Peterson, 2017) Conducting a Professional Interview Essay.


Cogin, J. N., Ng, J. L.,& Lee, I. (2016). Controlling healthcare professionals: how human resource management influences job attitudes and operational efficiency. Human Resources for Health.14(55), 1-10.doi: 10.1186/s12960-016-0149-0
Kabene, S. M., Orchard, C., Howard, J. M., Soriano, M. A.,& Leduc, R. (2016). The importance

of humanresources management in health care: a global context. Hum Resour Health. 4(20).doi: 10.1186/1478-4491-4-20

Kurnat-Thoma, E., Ganger, M.,&Peterson, K. (2017). Reducing Annual Hospital and Registered Nurse Staff Turnover—A 10-Element Onboarding Program Intervention. SAGE Open Nursing. 2(1).doi: 10.1177/2377960817697712 Conducting a Professional Interview Essay

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