Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the role of the advanced professional nurse in depth as she /he functions in the context of the institution in which he/she is employed. Compare and contrast the observed /evaluated role to that cited in professional guidelines, theory, and research.

• Guidelines:
a. Develop an Interview Guide with 10 questions, which reflect the topics reviewed in the course such as: professional expectations, health policy, reimbursement, professional role history, theoretical foundations of research and EBP, ethics in healthcare, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, and/or any other relevant issues that affect the professional role Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .

b. Using the developed interview guide, schedule an interview with an advanced professional nurse to learn about their role within the health care system. Please include the interview questions in your paper (see APA 6th ed. for guidelines to writing an interview). Prior to the interview, review the mission, vision, and goals of this agency. Does this professional nurse carry out the mission, vision, and goal of the agency and how?
This paper should be 5 pages and NO MORE than 5 pages (excluding title page, abstract, and reference page) and include.

• Title page
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Interview (include questions)
• Conclusion
• Reference page (minimum of 4 references, excluding your text)
APA 6th ed. is the required format, double-spaced, 12 point font
Exploring the role of the APN/Interview questions: You will be exploring the role of the advanced professional nurse in depth as you interview an APN in his or her role. Remembering there are many different roles the APN plays. You will compare and contrast their role to what you have learned so far in your readings Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay . Is the interviewee role similar to or as described in your readings of the APN. How does the APN view their role in the care of patients?

(1) Abstract: Explain the purpose of the interview and how you think it pertains to the APN

(2) Introduction: Introduce your interviewee and his/her position, qualifications, background and why you choose that person. Why do you feel the person is suitable to answer your questions? Introduction should be one paragraph

(3) Interview: (a) Write out the questions, remember to use leading questions, (b) Use quotes, rather than paraphrasing the interviewee replies

(4) Conclusion: A summary of the interview

(5) References: Can be use in the abstract, introduction and conclusion

Here are some sample questions:

What motivate you to become an APN, and choose your specialty as an APN?

Describe your current position, what part of your current/role or duties do you enjoy most?

Describe your academic and professional nursing background.

What qualities do you feel are most important to the APN?

Describe your collaboration with other health team members. What are the benefits?

What are some of the challenges APN’s face/what challenges do you envision for APN’s in the future?

What are some of the current challenges in the profession, and how have you address them?

Was it difficult leaving your comfort zone as a nurse to become an APN?

The role of the APN integrates autonomy, diverse patient care management, and core competencies, how easy is it to achieve these attributes of the APN role?

Does your role as an APN provide you with the ability to correlate and apply different concepts encompassing the profession Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay ?

Given the changing climate of healthcare, how do you envision your role as an APN changing the future?

What is your view on insurance companies recognition of the APN?

How do you feel about the pros and cons of the DNP as a terminal degree for the APN?

How do you think the passing of the recent healthcare bill will affect the healthcare profession?

To what extent do you see your real practice following theory and literature?

Advanced role development in nursing


APN is identified as a nursing practice designation assigned after completing an MSN education program that includes extensive training and advanced education. To further explore the concept of being an APN, an interview was conducted with a practicing APN. The interview offers some valuable insight into what it entails to pursue a nursing education and career thus aiding aspiring nurses to learn more about the profession. It explores some of the factors prospective nursing students should consider and challenges they are likely to face. In addition, it talks about the resources available to them, misconceptions and challenges they should address, and the upsides of being a nurse Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .


Advanced practice nursing (APN) is a designation resultant from receiving a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) education. The education offers nursing personnel extensive training and advanced education (Joel, 2018; Phillips &Boivin, 2013). In the present interview, Mary Watson (RN, MSN) offers some insight into her career development as an APN, to include her education, to aid nurses aspiring to pursue an MSN to learn more about what that would entail. Currently, Mary offers her nursing services in a pediatric cancer clinic while also serving in a mentorship program for persons aspiring to be nursing practitioners.


Interviewer:“Welcome and thank you for consenting to participate in this interview. What are your current responsibilities as a nurse? Can you expound on what you do at the clinic?”

Mary: “I offer my nursing services at a pediatric cancer clinic. The clinic addresses the cancer needs of patients less than 19 years of age. I am particularly employed in the research division of the clinic where the focus is on screening for the effect of different cancer treatments while offering counseling and education that would improve treatment outcomes. Although I am not involved in the treatment aspect of care, I contribute towards referrals by identifying treatment problems. I have seven principal responsibilities. Firstly, I coordinate care although I am not an actual provider. Secondly, I develop cancer treatment summaries for the patients. Thirdly, I recruit new participants into the research and obtain their informed consent. Fifthly, I conduct health education and physical examinations. Sixthly, I supervise other research personnel who provide scheduling and clerical support. Finally, I am involved in populating the research database Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .”

Interviewer: “What constitutes your workday?”

Mary: “My work week has me spending two days in clinical activities and three days in non-clinical activities. The non-clinical activities include filling research data and patient documentation. I addition, I am involved in educational activities that entail me publishing book material and journal articles.”

Interviewer: “What motivated you to become an advanced practice nurse?”

Mary: “My motivation to become an APN is a normal career progression since I have to move forward and cannot stagnate at the same career level. I initially become a nurse because I wanted to help others. Over time, I realized that helping others does not necessarily require me to spend time with patients and that I could provide important help by engaging in research activities. This would only be possible by having an advanced degree that included research competencies. APN allows for this by providing me with nursing research skills.”

Interviewer: “Can you provide us with your career path into becoming an APN?”

Mary: “Upon finishing high school, I enrolled in a diploma school where I began pursuing my nursing career. After graduation I was employed in a clinical nursing job where I worked for three years before enrolling in a graduate-level nursing program from where I graduated with my APN qualifications.”

Interviewer: “How do you balance your professional and personal life?”

Mary: “I won’t lie to you, it has been tough balancing my professional and personal life. I understand that my professional responsibilities are very important and I have more often than not had to forego some of my personal responsibilities to meet deadlines. Still, I have a fulfilling personal life with a husband and two sons. Besides that, I have some good friends and would spend some of my off days lazing around the house, gardening, reading, hiking, and gardening. Besides that, I volunteer a half-day every fortnight in the local animal rescue center where I help in grooming and caring for rescued animals Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .”

Interviewer: “What would you consider your most favorite aspect of nursing?”

Mary: “My most favorite part of nursing is seeing the appreciation in the patients’ eyes when they get relief and everything works out as expected. At this point, the patients respect and value the contributions I make and knowledge I offer.”

Interviewer: “What would you consider your least favorite aspect of nursing?”

Mary:“My least favorite aspect of nursing is the existing health care disparities, particularly those based on financial capabilities. Although I am concerned with providing medical care, there are occasions when my capacity to provide care is limited by the patients’ capacity to pay for the care. In such cases, I am forced to watch helplessly as the patients go without care.”

Interviewer:“If given the opportunity to go back in time, would you pursue a nursing career?”

Mary:“Yes, I would definitely pursue a nursing career even if I went back in time. However, I would ensure that my career progressed at a faster rate.”

Interviewer: “What is your biggest career accomplishment?”

Mary:“My biggest career accomplishment has been making a difference in my patients’ lives through research activities. Through the research activities, I am able to identify the care requirements and best care options that would guarantee better outcomes for the patients. Also, being involved in education activities has been very fulfilling, particularly with regards to mentoring and publications.”

Interviewer: “What factors would you consider important for others seeking to qualify as APN to consider?”

Mary:“They should be ready to broaden their horizons and be open-minded in exploring flexible and out of the box nursing solutions while understanding that nursing can adopt different approaches to address same problem. In essence, they should be ready to think independently. Besides that, they should be ready to set aside between 18 and 24 months to complete the MSN course requirements for graduation Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .”

Interviewer: “What would be the best time for a nursing practitioner to pursue an MSN education program?”

Mary:“The best time to pursue an MSN education program should be approximately 3.5 years into nursing practice. That is because at this time, the practitioner will have foundational theoretical and practical knowledge while having a better idea of what specialty to pursue in the MSN program. In essence, first practicing before enrolling to receive an advanced education prepares nursing personnel to be well-rounded practitioners.”

Interviewer: “What are some of the misconceptions about nursing that you have had to address?”

Mary:“As part of the mentorship program I have had to address the misconception that nursing is easier than other medical professions (such as being a physician) and is glamorous since they live comfortable lives. I have had to address this misconception by informing the persons I mentor that nursing requires commitment and hard work with long working hours and difficult decisions that could make the difference between the life and death of a patient.”

Interviewer: “Do you have any advice for new nursing graduates seeking employment?”

Mary:“They should be humble and honest. Those with limited experience should acquire the experience by honing their skills. They should also be ready to learn since education is a continuous process that does not end simply because an individual has graduated. They should understand that even as they get employed, the will learn new concepts and skills. Overall, they should be open-minded about their strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on the strengths while improving the weaknesses.”

Interviewer:“What perks should nursing personnel expect?”

Mary: “Some of the perks they should expect include recognition as professionals and experts. Another perk is the trusting relationship they have with patients.”

Interviewer: “What are some of the challenges nursing personnel should expect?”

Mary:“The biggest challenge in nursing practice is dealing with the legislative and jurisdictional issues. Even after graduating from school, nursing personnel would still require state certification and registration before being allowed to practice. Another challenge is the practice responsibilities. While some states allow nurses to sign prescriptions, some of them require that physicians be engaged to sign prescriptions for nurses even though the physician may have never seen the patient Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .”

Interviewer:“What would you consider the most valuable resource for nursing practitioners?”

Mary: “Perhaps the most important resource is the professional nursing organizations that represent nurses in health and public forums while fighting for their rights. Joining this organizations would ensure that the nurse is well represented.”

Interviewer: “We have come to the end of the interview, and I would like to thank you for taking your time to participate.”


The interview offers some valuable insight into what it entails to pursue a nursing education and career thus aiding aspiring nurses to learn more about the profession. It explores some of the factors prospective nursing students should consider and challenges they are likely to face. In addition, it talks about the resources available to them, misconceptions and challenges they should address, and the upsides of being a nurse Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay .


Joel, L. (2018). Advanced practice nursing: essentials for role development (4thed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.

Phillips, J. &Boivin, J. (2013).Accelerate your career in nursing: a guide to professional advancement and recognition. Indianapolis, IN: Sigma Theta Tau International. Advanced Role Development in Nursing Essay

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